Save $100’s and eat 26 gourmet meals all without stepping foot in a grocery store

Let me start by saying that I love subscription box services but the price can sneak up on you! So, going in with the intention of finding the best one for your family, gain a few free meals by trying to following strategy…

All of these meals are based on 2 adults (we let our toddler eat off our plates). These all have family options that can translate into more savings.

Join me on this little journey! Below is a list of the meal plans I will try and the final cost/benefit analysis of each. Try them all with me if you’d like or wait and see which one is the most…

  • Budget Friendly
  • Healthy
  • Fresh
  • Diet Conscious
  • Efficient (some of these I have tried before and I know the prep time is ridiculous)

First up!

Green Chef

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bottom line: You get 4 meals meals for $26.98, afterwards (should you decide to continue your subscription) the cost for the 3 gourmet meals per week delivered to your door goes to $80.94/week.

Feel free to use this coupon code and get 4 meals off your own delicious week’s worth of dinner:

Next on the list! (To be updated soon)…

Terra’s Kitchen

$50 off

Meal prep is done for us AND we get to choose!

3 meals


No free meals here, just a cool concept to try.

Blue Apron

Groupon 3 meals for $39.00 with Groupon

Start with Blue Apron for 2 free meals.

Enter your email and zip code.


3 meals for $34.50

Home Chef

$20 off today and $10 on the next order


1 free dinner, max $24 off




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